Grace Mountain

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GRACE MOUNTAIN was inspired by the true story of an amazing young woman. Having grown up on a back-road country farm with her family, Grace, now twenty, desires to start a life on her own. She moves to a nearby town after being hired for a job and soon meets a captivating young man. Although Allen is four years her junior, they fall in love. Grace deems this man to be her only true love and aspires to make a life with him. The year is 1923.
Although her father voices his disapproval of him after their very first meeting, Allen and Grace continue dating and are soon married. The first few years of their life together are ideal until the depression renders Allen unemployed and discontented. What follows are years of hardship, deception, and trials that test Grace’s courage, resilience, and faith. Years later with Grace’s children grown, a shocking discovery of secrets is revealed as they delve into the past.

GRACE MOUNTAIN is based on a true story that takes place in rural Davidson County, North Carolina. It is the story of an amazing young woman who rises above deceit and betrayal to become an example of strength to her family and all who knew her.