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Born and raised in the small, close-knit country community of Silver Valley, near Denton, North Carolina, Bobby C. Scarlett developed a genuine appreciation of his roots and heritage at a very young age. His large, extended families abound with longevity: He witnessed his great-great aunts become the World’s Oldest Living Twins, as well as others in his lineage who reached the century mark.
In his earlier years, he traveled, performed, and recorded with various gospel music groups.
In 1980, Scarlett became one of the first in North Carolina to adopt a child as a single parent, and now, the title of Grandfather is one he affectionately reveres.
He began photographing his son and family as a hobby, which soon advanced to a professional career spanning twenty-five years.
Scarlett discovered his passion for writing during recent years and is currently the business owner of Scarlett Creek.